Chevron's massive carbon capture project launches safely

Once fully operational, the carbon dioxide injection facility will reduce Gorgon’s greenhouse gas emissions by about 4%, or more than 100 million tonnes over the life of the injection project

Chile to reach 50% renewable energy by 2030

It is expected that with the growth of renewable energy sources in the future, the gas-based power capacity in the country will increase from 48% of the thermal power capacity in 2018 to 55% by 2030

Regulators drag feet on offshore wind farm's approvals

Vineyard Wind urged the federal government to complete the project's review as quickly as possible

Vattenfall combines wind, solar, batteries in Netherlands energy park

According to Vattenfall, the project will help provide less pronounced energy peaks and an overall more efficient use of energy infrastructure

A practical guide to holistic management of distributed energy resources

As the size of the new energy market grows, not only are there an increasing number of DERs, there are also more ways that energy providers want to and can utilize them to serve their customers

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