Amber Kinetics, Enel to assess flywheel energy storage technology

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Amber Kinetics, Inc., developer of the first commercially available four-hour duration flywheel energy storage technology, and Enel, signed a two-year agreement to cooperate on jointly assessing Amber Kinetics’ technology and to explore the possible development of future projects.

Enel will measure and demonstrate the performance of Amber Kinetics’ flywheel energy storage systems, beginning with two of the company’s M32 model (8 kW/32 kWh) flywheel storage systems which will be installed at Amber Kinetics’ test facility in California.

Upon successful completion of the three-month demonstration, to identify possible full-scale business applications of the technology, Enel will evaluate the implementation of Amber Kinetics’ next generation flywheel energy storage technology, the M160 model (40 kW/160 kWh), in one of its thermal power plants.

Amber Kinetics’ flywheel energy storage systems are currently being purchased by customers around the world who are seeking to reduce electricity costs and/or improve unreliable electricity service by utilizing affordable, sustainable and robust utility-scale and microgrid energy storage.

The demand is particularly strong in islanded nations and regions with unreliable to non-existent electricity grids, where renewable generation plus reliable electricity storage represents the best option for stable electricity growth.

Amber Kinetics’ long-duration all-steel flywheel has advantages over battery and conventional peaking resources for demand reduction, energy arbitrage, renewable energy firming, and frequency regulation at both grid and micro-grid scales. The flywheels incur no capacity degradation, have unlimited daily cycling capability and $0 variable O&M for 24/7 service. In addition, the flywheel energy storage systems are highly efficient, fully recyclable at end-of-life, and carry no hazardous materials risk.

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