Iberdrola to study smart grid feasibility in Qatar

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Iberdrola will spend a year studying Qatar's environment, its strategic energy objectives, the infrastructure that needs upgrading and the available technologies for smart grid.

The initiative envisages the participation of a permanent team of experts from the Qatari firm and it will be completed in two stages — first stage will be of one year and the second stage will span two years.

During the first stage, the team will study Qatar's environment, its strategic energy objectives, infrastructures and smart grids related available technologies, so as to pick the best option for Kahramaa.

In the second stage, a pilot project will be implemented to enable the results of the study to be examined. In addition, preparation for the final deployment of smart grids in Qatar will be done during this stage.

Iberdrola promoted new infrastructure, which is based on remote control, will enable Kahramaa to provide its customers with new products and services, and help it to fulfil environmental targets.

With this initiative, the Qatari company would be able to promote energy efficiency and facilitate the integration of renewable energy into the system.

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