Orange and Rockland Utilities: “Smart Grid Testing of Reclosers and Sectionalizers in a Distribution Automation & Restoration (DAR) System” (OMICRON Magazine reprint)


Testing of reclosers and sectionalizers in distribution networks has become demanding for both the testing personnel and the test equipment used. Some reasons for that are the application of more accurate and versatile digital controls, their integration in smart grid automation, and the introduction of more stringent regulations for ensuring the reliability of the power distribution system.
Reclosers are a less expensive option than adding circuit breakers or substations. They are usually mounted on power poles. This configuration saves the site preparation costs that are usually required for circuit breakers and control houses. In the event of a fault on the line, the recloser opens the switch and recloses it several times before locking-out in an open position if the fault is permanent. Like any other protection system, reclosers need to be tested. This case study looks at how Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. is maintaining and testing their reclosers with OMICRON testing solutions.


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