Understanding Moisture Dynamics in Power Transformers
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Duration: Approximately one hour.
Speaker: Steve Jiroutek, Regional Segment Manager, Industrial Applications, Vaisala

Transformers are among the most expensive assets in a power transmission network representing on average 60% of substation capital costs.  With an increasing emphasis on predictive maintenance practices to extend the life of these assets, there’s no shortage of diagnostic measurements and tools available to help provide a clearer picture of the overall health of a transformer.

While the need to measure moisture in power transformers has been well documented and is universally accepted, the understanding of how moisture moves within a transformer under various conditions is less understood.  Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Vaisala.

Steve Jiroutek Regional Segment Manager, Industrial Applications Vaisala   Steve-Jiroutek-120x160
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Vaisala develops and manufactures online measurement instruments of moisture in oil, dew point, pressure and SF6 density for the power industry. These measurements provide real-time information on the health of transformers, switchgear, turbines, generators and diesel engines and help maximize operational efficiency and optimize cost-efficient maintenance. Vaisala has over 75 years of measurement experience, thousands of installations in the power industry and is the innovator of the transformer oil moisture measurement technology used for over 15 years by the power industry. We have customers in over 120 countries, nearly 30 offices worldwide, and service centers in China, Japan, Finland and the US.

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