Practical Approaches to Utility Cybersecurity
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Duration: Approximately one hour.
Speakers: Grant Gilchrist, DNP Technical Committee, EnerNex Andrew West, Chairman, DNP Users Group Technical Committee Doug McGinnis, Manager of Infrastructure Services, Exelon Victoria Yan Pillitteri, Information Security Engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Ask any utility CEO what keeps him or her up at night, and cybersecurity will be near the top of the list.

Lucky for utility engineers and IT staff responsible for T&D security vulnerabilities, DistribuTECH’s media partner — POWERGRID International magazine — is offering a free webcast that details how to protect utilities’ critical infrastructure and previews what three of the presenters will discuss in January during DistribuTECH in San Antonio.

As a bonus, anyone who participates in the live webcast Dec. 3, 2013, is eligible to receive $100 off a DistribuTECH full-conference registration.

On the call and a DistribuTECH panel, Andrew West and Grant Gilghrist from the DNP Users Group will examine practical cybersecurity approaches, including:
• Securing T&D systems using DNP (IEEE Std 1815);
• Implementing IEEE 1815 Secure Authentication Version 5;
• The role of a protocol that addresses NERC CIP 3, 4 and 5; and
• Future-proofing for cybersecurity.

Also joining the discussion will be Doug McGinnis, Exelon’s manager of infrastructure services, and Victoria Yan Pillitteri, IT security specialist for the National Institute of Technology (NIST), representing the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP). McGinnis also will participate in a grid communications session at DistribuTECH, during which he’ll discuss MPLS networks.
On the call, they will discuss:
• The accomplishments and activities of the SGIP’s Smart Grid Cybersecurity Committee (SGCC); plus
• Best practices for securing the electric grid.

Grant Gilchrist DNP Technical Committee EnerNex   Grant-Gilchrist
Andrew West Chairman, DNP Users Group Technical Committee   AndrewWest
Doug McGinnis Manager of Infrastructure Services Exelon   Doug-McGinnis
Victoria Yan Pillitteri Information Security Engineer National Institute of Standards and Technology   Victoria-Yan-Pillitteri
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