IP/MPLS:  Why it’s NOT rocket science…but IS the solution for TDM services

Original Broadcast November 5, 2013

Hear from the people who have implemented IP/MPLS and how it has changed their business. Learn why support on a converged IP/MPLS network is the cost effective solution as service providers sunset TDM/Frame Relay leased line services and the NERC CIP exception that encryption is not required with TDM is eliminated.

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The California PUC’s Decision on Storage is In! What You Need to Know about Next Gen Tools to Evaluate the Challenges for Renewable Integration

Original Broadcast October 30, 2013

California’s recent ruling on energy storage demonstrates that today tools are being created that allow stakeholders to create the economic and technical justifications for recommendations on how to address the most pressing challenges facing our grid.

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Are Tablets a Game Changer For Utility Field Service Workers?

Original Broadcast October 25, 2013 register:WEBCAST

Location Analytics and ArcGIS Online Can Transform Your Utility

Original Broadcast November 5, 2012

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