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Understanding Moisture Dynamics in Power Transformers

Date: September 23, 2014

While the need to measure moisture in power transformers has been well documented and is universally accepted, the understanding of how moisture moves within a transformer under various conditions is less understood.  Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Vaisala.


Streamline Utility Field Inspections to Improve System Reliability &  Customer Satisfaction

Date: August 19, 2014

Arm your workers with solutions that improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Listen in and learn from Intel, TC Technology, and Motion Computing.



Customers first: how utilities are using customer engagement to conquer new business challenges

Original Broadcast June 27, 2014

Join ELP for a moderated discussion with Opower and Chartwell Research around customer engagement technology and the value proposition behind it. This discussion will provide examples of effective engagement strategies and will articulate the business case for embarking down that path.


Building a Smart Utility: Distribution Network Optimization and Customer Engagement - The Efficiency Link

Original Broadcast January 29, 2014

Attend the Schneider Electric live webcast to hear executives from Austin Energy and Burbank Water and Power detail their roadmap, drivers, and benefits in becoming a Smart Utility: fully engaging consumers and optimizing the distribution network to provide reliable, safe, and efficient power, from Control Center to Customer.


Real-world Business Drivers and Benefits of an Alstom Integrated DMS

Original Broadcast January 29, 2014

Attend the Alstom Grid live webcast to hear executives from PPL Electric Utilities, Duke Energy and STEDIN (from the Netherlands) discuss their unique perspectives on the business drivers and measurable benefits of their Alstom Integrated Distribution Management Systems (IDMS).


The California PUC’s Decision on Storage is In! What You Need to Know about Next Gen Tools to Evaluate the Challenges for Renewable Integration

Original Broadcast October 30, 2013

California’s recent ruling on energy storage demonstrates that today tools are being created that allow stakeholders to create the economic and technical justifications for recommendations on how to address the most pressing challenges facing our grid.

Please join Electric Light & Power for this webcast presented by DNV KEMA.