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How certified T&D components help to improve power network performance

Date: November 3, 2015

Electricity is the life blood of modern society. Any interruption to its supply can have a huge impact on individuals, businesses and communities. So the transmission and distribution (T&D) sector, and the energy industry as a whole, must devote extensive resources into trying to avoid power supply disruptions. This webinar, calling on the results from 20 years of testing data, reviews component failure rates to see how certified testing helps utilities reduce the risk of blackouts.


Moisture in Transformer Oil Behavior – a Deeper Look into a Complex Phenomenon

Date: October 22, 2015

As our understanding of how moisture movement in transformers improves, so does the evolution of how we measure it and what it means to life of the asset.   As a continuation of last year’s webinar entitled “Understanding Moisture Dynamics in Power Transformers”, in this presentation we will review some of the fundamentals covered previously but also discuss new topics and share new data and insights gained from recent field test results.

Please join us for this webcast brought to you by Vaisala.


Connecting the Physical and Digital Domains: Intelligent Integration for a Smart City

Date: October 15, 2015

Free Webcast Series from Leidos | Part 2 of 2 - Connecting the Physical and Digital Domains: Intelligent Integration for a Smart City

As a follow-up to our first webcast, entitled "Leveraging Intelligent Infrastructure to Achieve Your Smart City Vision," this webcast explores how a Smart City can modernize its infrastructure by connecting the physical and digital domains of its new and legacy assets.  We will discuss approaches to leverage multiple devices and data streams to facilitate the highest return on investment.   Intelligent Integration can be accomplished cost effectively, will drive improved decision making, and ultimately result in a stronger engagement with the community through meaningful applications and tools.



Leveraging Intelligent Infrastructure to Achieve Your Smart City Vision

Original Broadcast October 1, 2015

Free Webcast Series from Leidos | Part 1 of 2 - Leveraging Intelligent Infrastructure to Achieve Your Smart City Vision

The increasing migration of the U.S. population back into urban centers brings a set of challenges that tax already strained resources.  Aging infrastructure, city budget constraints, increased demands on resources, additional waste – these all significantly impact city resources that are already stretched to their limits.  An interconnected city – a Smart City – offers an approach to manage these challenges.  A Smart City builds a solution that drives economic value and interconnects city infrastructure to efficiently support future growth, enhance quality of life, and drive sustainability improvements.  Join Leidos in exploring how to build a foundation that will help you achieve your Smart City vision.


Successfully Integrating Solar: A Proactive Approach

Original Broadcast September 29, 2015

•      What does the increasing solar penetration mean to you as a utility? …a developer?
•      What does the full spectrum of solar grid integration requirements look like?
•      How confident are you in your ability to integrate solar while avoiding problems?
•      What are the opportunities offered by distributed solar power?

Join DNV GL for a comprehensive look at all aspects of solar grid integration.
Gain an understanding of how it’s being done successfully today!

Successfully Achieving High Penetration
- Hosting capacity studies
- High penetration studies
- Mitigation and the path to higher penetrations
- Real-World examples from DNV GL
Integrated Planning: Single Studies Are Not Enough
- Integrated resource planning and approach for Solar
- How grid integration fits into the IRP process
- Real-World utilities examples from DNV GL
- DNV GL studies and software
Testing and Certification of Grid Code Compliance
- Benefit of certification
- Types of certification
- DNV GL Certification Standards
- Real-World Examples from DNV GL
Q&A – DNV GL answers your questions about integrating Solar


Horizon Utilities Goes Mobile. Tablets…Then Ongoing Field Feedback Drives Success.

Original Broadcast September 16, 2015

Horizon Utilities of Hamilton, Ontario went from paper to Tablet PCs over a 3 year period with significant results including immediate cost savings and improved productivity. Today, they have the lowest operating costs of any utility in Ontario (1/3 less than the average utility) with their initial success largely driven by e-Mobile initiatives in a move to automation. Horizon took a progressive approach, adding functions to keep field workers in the field more often, and less at the office and field force feedback became a critical factor in the overall success of the program.


Solar + Storage: Capturing Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges

Original Broadcast June 30, 2015

The convergence of solar and energy storage applications is under way. The combined application of solar generation and energy storage can provide multiple benefits to many system stakeholders. Across the globe, DNV GL is leading the way in supporting client success with Solar + Storage opportunities.

As a result of attending this webinar, project developers, independent power producers, financiers, utilities and manufacturers will gain greater understanding of the combined benefits of solar and storage applications and what is required for successful implementation. This will include the importance of testing and bankability, standards and safety.


Storage Enters the Global Stage: What’s the value proposition for your region?

Original Broadcast June 24, 2015

For electricity storage, the events of the last two years have shown that the skepticism around the technology is rapidly evaporating as the storage transitions to a state of deployment. Definitive niches for storage are emerging around Ancillary Services, Renewables Integration, Distribution, and end use applications. However, if you’re planning to adopt or deploy storage, the market can appear to be seemingly everywhere -- but nowhere at the same time.

The answer lies in the pace at which storage opportunities and markets are developing across various regions. DNV GL operates on a global scale with Storage experts in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. In this webinar, our experts will help you understand value propositions for storage, while drawing on evidence from current operational energy storage projects across the global marketplace.


How to deploy mobile forms + devices to speed up field service processes & reporting

Original Broadcast June 23, 2015

Overcoming the pain points associated with any process is much simpler and more cost effective than you think. This webinar will detail the benefits of switching to mobile forms for field data collection and reporting.
We'll examine real use cases and ROI of integrating mobile forms within a given field service process, including for work orders, inspections, checklists and proposals.
A quick AT&T Mobile Forms demo will reveal the feature rich, user-friendly nature of the solution. You'll see why it’s a must-deploy to speed up data collection, eliminate invoicing/data entry lags and auto-generate/deliver insightful reports.


When Grid Optimization is Not Enough: Making Cents of Disruptive Change.

Original Broadcast February 4, 2015

Electric utilities today face unprecedented volatility and business challenges. To stay competitive and ensure a managed transition to a sustainable future, electric utilities must ensure grid reliability, grid modernization and provide higher value energy services. Join a panel of experts to understand how to protect your existing investment while designing an integrated technology business transformation.