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Tantalus provides AMI overlay for 15 municipal, cooperative utilities

12/18/2014 These utilities that have already begun the migration represent just a portion of the nearly 40 million electric and 20 million gas and water legac...

PG&E chairman sees electric vehicles as an opportunity

12/15/2014 In an address to the Detroit Economic Club, Tony Earley, chairman, CEO and president of PG&E Corp., laid out a vision of an environmentally cle...

Electric Light & Power names Dominion 2014 Utility of the Year


An interview with Farrell is published in the November/December issue of the magazine with Farrell’s photo on the cover 

NREL to advance technologies for microgrid projects

12/11/2014 NREL will test microgrid controllers developed by EPRI and GE using its megawatt-scale power hardware-in-the-loop capability, which is part of the ...

VIDEO: GE, partners work on underground microgrid in New York

12/10/2014 The focus area will be the village of Potsdam, near the Canadian border, which is prone to ice storms that could damage utility lines and other abo...

VIDEO: California still leads on electric vehicle adoption

12/10/2014 Total U.S. sales of plug-in electric vehicles have increased in recent years, but still represent only about 0.7 percent of new vehicle sales in 20...

Global smart grid: The international market for smart grid

12/10/2014 Around the world, governments, businesses, and citizens are beginning to understand that aging electric grids are not equipped to be the critical i...

Utilities face revenue losses from solar power, energy storage, energy efficiency

12/09/2014 Additionally, as part of the research, Accenture conducted its second annual survey of global utilities executives and found that perceptions of th...

Flow batteries to spur energy storage market

12/09/2014 Giant flow batteries can provide large-scale energy storage for the power grid, and falling costs will create a 360 MWh market, led by vanadium-bas...

Black & Veatch, Dynapower pair on energy storage systems


There is an estimated $10 billion energy storage market in North America by 2022 


Helping industry and utilities accommodate renewable energy

Dec 3, 2014

The connections between the industrial sector and the utility industry will become increasingly complex and even more variable

DOE to see billions back from energy loan program

Nov 13, 2014

The results of a new study into the program could surprise those who view it as a government boondoggle

Using EPRI technology to weather the next Superstorm

Oct 31, 2014

Damage prevention refers to the application of engineering designs and advanced technologies that harden the power system to limit damage

Has privatization failed Texas utility customers?

Oct 24, 2014 Relative electricity prices have increased dramatically, and dangerously lower electrical system reliability is the result of Texas electric utilit...

Keeping the lights on

Oct 7, 2014

Without reliable power, American families and businesses could not go about their daily lives




Engaging the Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) Market Place

This session will outline how Duke Energy leveraged Voice of Customer insights, previous experience in similar outreach programs, and careful internal analysis to identify an improvement opportunit...
( 02/04/2015 / 03:00 PM

When Grid Optimization is Not Enough: Making Cents of Disruptive Change.

Electric utilities today face unprecedented volatility and business challenges. To stay competitive and ensure a managed transition to a sustainable future, electric utilities must ensure grid reli...
( 02/04/2015 / 12:30 PM

Avoid the 7 Pitfalls of Premium Power: Lessons Learned

Premium power is an increasingly valuable tool for utilities and municipalities, who can charge more for supplying power to customers with critical loads. At the same time, more customers have thei...
( 02/03/2015 / 05:00 PM

The Integrated Operating Model Creating an Advanced Outage Management Environment to Control the Grid

Amy Hime, Senior Manager of Engineering and Asset Systems at Enersource, will discuss the journey they took to move from traditional methods, to an advanced outage management environment to manage ...
( 02/03/2015 / 01:30 PM


Envisioning the Smart Grid of the Future

While it is true that the future is unknowable, it’s a safe guess that the smart grid of tomorrow will be dramatically different than the smart gri...

Managed Services: More Smart Grid Benefits; Less Smart Grid Risk

Planning and deploying smart grid solutions is a challenge under the best of circumstances, and for many, balancing the risk-reward continuum is a ...

Rear Projection DLP™ Cubes with LED Light Source vs. Slim-Bezel LCD in Control Rooms

The primary purpose of display systems in command and control applications is to provide domain experts (operators) with a large, clear, high-resol...
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