Interview Michael Nark, CEO of BuildingIQ

Google Hangout - EL&P editor Teresa Hansen interview Michael Nark, CEO of BuildingIQ to learn about the latest in energy optimization in commercial facilities. Find out why this is important to electricity providers.


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About the Sponsor:

BuildingIQ’s core technology was originally developed by Australia’s National Labs, CSIRO. Over 50 years of R&D have been invested to create the optimization technology and our engineers continue to enhance the solution today. BuildingIQ solutions are installed in millions of square feet and are providing HVAC energy management to customers throughout North America and Asia. Behind every customer deployment is a 24×7 support team of energy engineers who ensure performance, identify “energy drain” faults that would otherwise go undetected and become a trusted partner for building operators.

The solution makes buildings more energy efficient without affecting tenants’ comfort. It helps owners, managers, and tenants reduce energy consumption, cost, and emissions, and obtain more value from their existing energy systems.

The company is backed by leading industry and financial investors including Siemens, Aster (Schneider, Alstom and Savoy) and Paladin Capital.

Download: BuildingIQ – Building Energy Intelligence