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Teresa Hansen, Editor in Chief
by the Editors of POWERGRID International / Electric Light & Power

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Electric car driver arrested for stealing 5 cents of electricity

Wed Dec 04 16:32:00 CST 2013
Just the other day, I saw my first Tesla Motors all-electric vehicle driving near our offices here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With more and more electric vehicles taking to the streets — even in this former oil capital &mda...

Where natural gas and power transmission intersect

Wed Nov 06 08:55:00 CST 2013
By Teresa HansenEditor-in-ChiefI recently attended a conference in Washington, D.C. called TransForum East. It was organized by PennWell through one of its latest acquisitions, TransmissionHub, a research, analysis and new...

A harder, better, faster, stronger smart grid

Fri Oct 04 14:09:00 CDT 2013
By Andy Bennett,Senior vice president of infrastructure at Schneider ElectricThe Obama administration recently published a report that calls for increased spending on the nation's electric power system to increase power gr...

Views of the Smart Grid

Alan McHale
by Allan McHale

Allan McHale’s career spans 40 years in the energy and building controls industries. During the past  20 years, McHale has managed a wide range of marketing strategy assignments for some major international companies. He has authored 40 published market studies and numerous papers on security, fire detection and energy related environmental controls and has lectured in the United States,  Europe and the U.K. on business development.  McHale is now advising a new start-up company, Memoori Ltd., on the development of business intelligence services for the electronic security and smart grid industries.

The business of LED lighting

Fri Jun 28 11:00:00 CDT 2013
The revenue from the global light-emitting diode (LED) lighting market for buildings will rise from $9.46 billion this year to $25.4 billion by 201...

Germany takes distributed power seriously

Mon May 13 16:58:00 CDT 2013
One of the main tasks in delivering a smart grid will be to install and bring together smart grid systems such as AMI and automated demand response...

State of the smart grid, 2013

Thu Mar 14 13:09:00 CDT 2013
Smart grid sales across the world in the last 3 years at installed prices have grown by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 35 percent ...